What's It About?

 Nikolai Pavlovich Delov is a New Russian, one of the fortunate who acquired wealth since the breakup of the Soviet Union. At forty-eight, Nikolai is at the height of his career as head of the now-nationwide company that his father, brother, and he had started in 1993. Unfortunately, all other aspects of his life are a wreck. He finds himself divorced, alone, and at odds with his only son. One morning a foundation director named Inessa Zorina goes to his office to solicit money for a new rehab house in the Moscow region for sex-trafficking victims. His contribution gains him access to the lovely Inessa. She soon tricks him into assisting her with the rescue of a seventeen-year-old girl held captive by a violent pimp. Gradually, Nikolai and Inessa's relationship draws him into a dark world that he would've preferred to ignore. Furthermore, their affair throws Nikolai into a war with Vladimir Konstantinov, the powerful son of a former oligarch. Nikolai battles not only Konstantinov but also mobsters and corrupt law enforcement. He recognizes only two possible outcomes: the complete happiness he's always sought or the destruction of his own life and the lives of those he loves. 


 "Dante has crafted an engrossing novel with an evocative and authentic sense of place and an engaging protagonist facing myriad challenges. . .The sympathetic and flawed lead character puts a haunting human face on contemporary Russia, often demonized by the media." ---Kirkus Reviews